How to: „How do I open a Cannabis Social Club/Cannabis Cultivation Association in Germany?“

or: How do I establish a CSC in (only) 24 (not so easy) steps?

Step 0: The Right Mindset

No project works without the right mindset. Legality: The most important intellectual achievement and projection is internalizing the thought that everything we do is legal. It is still unusual for us to think about how 20 kilos of weed are harvested, dried, and lovingly trimmed – but after a few years, it will be a fond memory to think back on our current hesitations.

Security: We redefine the concept of security because we will soon be cultivating a garden together that arouses desires. Youth protection is not the main point here. Spanish clubs complain about phenomena like robbery (including armed robbery), fraud, theft (from the till), embezzlement, corrupt officials, etc. Ultimately, only perfect discretion, seamless surveillance, and a burglar-proof garden provide protection. Absolute security never exists, but the good motto „Opportunity makes thieves“ still applies, and we avoid such opportunities.

Last but not least, you program into your mindset: Cultivation & order are two words that mean the same thing. Your garden is the industrialization of nature. The alternative is to let it grow randomly and see if you are satisfied with the harvest. The club is not about creating paradise on earth but about harvesting really good weed for you and your friends. No more, no less. You see, the club starts in the mind.

Step 1: Selection of Founding Members

According to the law, a cultivation association must be a registered association. Therefore, the regulations for founding a regular registered association apply first. …

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